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Adjectives are one of the main parts of speech of the English language. They are words that describe or modify the qualities or states of being of nouns and pronouns.

The Difference between Adjectives and Determiners
Traditionally, the term 'adjective' has been used for a word type now called a determiner. For example, possessive adjective, demonstrative adjective, and indefinite adjective like the words 'his', 'this', 'many' are now classified as determiner.

Types of Adjective
In English, adjectives can be divided into three categories based on the position they occur in a sentence:

Prepositive adjectives (also called attributive adjectives): always come before a noun (phrase), like 'happy kids'
Postpositive adjectives: come immediately after a noun (phrase), like 'We need someone strong' or 'Nothing important happened.'
Predicative adjectives: come after a linking verb, like 'My kids are happy.'
Order of adjectives
The order in which adjectives in a series come one after the other is complex for people learning English as a second language. With practice, learning the order of adjectives becomes instinctive. Although the rules may seem ransom, but there is a pattern. The categories in the following table can be described as follows:

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