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FTB provides you seven tools! Rectangle with number inside! Sipmle Line, Arrow, Dotted arrow, Pen, Text and Area! Everything you need to create your tactic!

Save your tactics into one frame, or do frame by frame ANIMATION, for more advanced tactics! You can set animation speed to make it simply the BEST.

You can analyse your own photos and your own videos!

Create your teams and players!
***manual on bottom of the page***

FTB allows you several ways to share tactic or animation with others!
- for tactic - you can do photo of your tactic or you can export it into file
- for animation - you can export it into file
This file can be easily imported into app on any other device ;)
***manual on bottom of the page***

Simply remove objects, if you want to rework your tactic, with remove function! Or you can reset everything with just one click!

Create football tactics

/*More field options*/
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